resonance and d (resonance_and_d) wrote,
resonance and d

ATTUFYWB (08/10) [Homestuck Podfic]


TitleAnd, trying to unfold for you, was brittle (8/10)
Author: Signalbeam
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: T
Summary: Sometimes your life gets flipped like a table when a meteor smashes into a mountain, murderous bugs move into your backyard, and a rainbow drinker breaks into your house. It’s (probably) not your fault that any of this happens, but it (probably) is your fault for reacting to it by rigging your cat’s mausoleum with hidden cameras. Or: Rose Lalonde the Vampire Slayer.
Archive warnings: graphic violence
Chapter Length: 00:14:11 [~7 MB, mp3] (will provide .m4b of the whole fic once finished)

here for now (dropbox)

Tags: character: kanaya, character: rose, fandom: homestuck, podfic, podfic:and trying to unfold for you was

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