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Drabble: Making it Real [Kingdom Hearts]

Title: Making it real
Pairing: Namine/Sora (Kairi/Sora sort of?)
Length: 100 words
Warnings: none that I can think of.
Summary: Sora chose differently at the end of Castle Oblivion. He chose Namine.
He kisses Namine, and she tastes like artificial sweetener. The one he liked- the other one- tasted like paopu fruit. He is sure of it, though he (never kissed her) doesn’t even remember her.
Sora knows his memories aren't real. He knows he never promised Namine anything. He knows that Namine was never his light. But she’s something to him- and now she’s everything to him.
He gave something up. He knew that when he chose her over his lost memories. But isn’t that life? You always have to sacrifice something.
He remembers a promise. He is making it real.

Notes: this was a whole AU I had planned out, and then I remembered that... I actually really dislike Namine for some reason that I can't articulate well, haha. But I liked the basic premise, so I wrote this out instead. 
Tags: character: namine, character: sora, drabble, fandom: kingdom hearts, fanfiction, pairing: namine/sora

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