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It was much, much more than a hundred years later when Katara and Sokka found Aang. Now, with a world that has mostly forgotten bending and the spirits, the balance isn't just broken- it's been totally erased.

The Fire Nation took over the world, but they were long ago replaced by a semi-democratic government when the last of the royal family with bending died off. The rest of the family faded into obscurity.

The wars killed off most of the world, so the population of the planet is way less than modern earth but still more than in the canon 'verse. (In other words, there are still large swathes of land that are wild and unoccupied, but there are also large metropolitan areas). The animals are still Avatar-verse hybrids, but the technology is much the same as on present-day Earth.

As of 04-23-12, I have posted all that I intend to for this fic. It was an interesting experiment, and I got over 40,000 words out of it (most of which are posted here- some bits weren't good enough to bother with). The story isn't complete, but I feel like it ends on a good note here. The rest of what I had planned parallels canon closely enough that I didn't want to bother writing it.

Ok, so there's still some stuff in this 'verse in the works. I fail at giving up. But expect this to update VERY, VERY SLOWLY.


Season 0
Roku waits
Ozai and Ursa indulge in rum
Katara believes in legends
Zuko learns about firebending
Zuko is freaked out by an apparent change of heart
Daddy's little sociopath
Toph learns to bend
Zuko gets his scar
Iroh and Azula
Toph and Smellerbee talk
Longshot steals books from the library
Sweet Things
Azula looks for blackmail material
Azula has plans for her friends
Mai and her family
Season 1
Katara and Sokka find Aang
The world
Aang goes to school
Aang fails at not airbending
Katara: kind of a televangelist
Sokka isn't a warrior
Sokka and Suki spar
Katara and Yue
Sokka gets a haircut
Sokka and Hahn fight
Azula is a total stalker
Katara believes in legends (reprise)
Season 2
Ba Sing Se
Toph joins the gaang
One Day
The rendezvous point
Family Reunion
Without Bending
Season 3
Ty Lee is having trouble staying bouncy
The Price of Failure
Azula leaves
Heel Face Turn
Prison Break
Aang learns some firebending
Tags: character: aang, character: azula, character: iroh, character: jet, character: longshot, character: mai, character: roku, character: smellerbee, character: sokka, character: toph, character: ty lee, character: yue, character: zuko, fanfiction, fic: modern au verse, index

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